Skill Labs brings transparency and equal opportunity to GameFi by empowering NFT investors, guilds and solo gamers
One-stop platform for NFT gaming
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platform for
NFT gaming
Helping you along your
journey through the metaverse
Pick the best games
to play & invest in with our
real-time analytics
Allocate NFTs to the best
guilds and gamers with our
guilds & gamers marketplace
Manage your
scholars with our
game agnostic CRM
Play games without spending a fortune on NFTs
Create an account
and start earning by
playing today.

We fuse data from blockchain, game APIs and our proprietary SDK to enable game agnostic scholars management.
CRM System
Easy navigation between games
Add new schloraships
Scholars performance and returns
Game agnostic CRM
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Game agnostic CRM
Learn about our tools
for investor
Automated portfolio optimization
Seamless lending to best games and guilds on the platform
Real-time tracking of key economic metrics, including ROI, payback time, inflation and game health
Realtime on-chain analytics
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Bakers and partners
Tech advisor
Slava Zheltov
IR advisor
Vladimir Nikitin
Marketing advisor
Aleksei Maksimov
Yida Gao
co-founder & COO
Kate Khan
co-founder & CEO
Iskander Khabibrakhmanov
10 years in games and tech products, worked with Point Blank, Lineage 2, Halo
10 years in operations and consulting, ex-Bolt, ex-KPMG

Forbes 30u30, General Partner at Shima Capital

CTO at Liquidifty and Drunk Robots
8 years in tech companies and 4 years in blockchain

Serial crypto entrepreneur, 8 years in startups, and 5 years in blockchain. Partner at Shima Capital

Head of marketing at Wargaming, one of the biggest games publishers, with 100,000,000 audience

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We’re actively recruiting guilds and solo scholars from
all over the world to play and earn in different NFT games.

— If you’re a guild, we can help you to scale by providing
an access to NFT investors and scholars;

— If you’re a scholar, we can help you to find a guild to join,
to learn how to play games;

Apply now and kickstart your gaming career!