Pick the best games to play, analyze metrics, and claim achievements for playing your favorite games
One-stop platform
for NFT gaming
One-stop platform for NFT gaming
Collect achievements
across your favorite games
— Keep track of all your achievements in one place
— Own your achievements as NFTs
— Start building your gaming passport

More than 15 games supported
Over 200 unique achievements to be claimed
Pick the best games for you
Pick the best games
based on real-time data
— % in profit
— Expenditure vs Earnings
— Socials
— NFT volume
— Mints vs Burns
— New buyers vs sellers
Thetan Arena
Genre: Action
Genre: Action
Era7: Game of Truth
Genre: Adventure
Genre: Action
Genre: Action
Tiny World
Genre: RPG
Genre: Action
X World Games
Genre: RPG
Metaverse Miner
Genre: Farmer
Backers and partners
Team project
10 years in games and tech products, worked with Point Blank, Lineage 2, Halo
Iskander Khabibrakhmanov
10 years in operations and consulting, ex-Bolt, ex-KPMG
Kate Khan
Forbes 30u30, General Partner at Shima Capital
Yida Gao
Serial crypto entrepreneur, 8 years in startups and 5 years in blockchain. Partner at Shima Capital
Vladimir Nikitin
CTO at Liquidifty and Drunk Robots 8 years
in tech companies and 4 years in blockchain
Slava Zheltov
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