Pick the best games to play, analyze metrics, and claim achievements for playing your favorite games
One-stop platform
for NFT gaming
One-stop platform for NFT gaming
Collect achievements
across your favorite games
— Keep track of all your achievements in one place
— Own your achievements as NFTs
— Start building your gaming passport

More than 15 games supported
Over 200 unique achievements to be claimed
Pick the best games for you
Pick the best games
based on real-time data
— % in profit
— Expenditure vs Earnings
— Socials
— NFT volume
— Mints vs Burns
— New buyers vs sellers
Thetan Arena
Genre: Action
Genre: Action
Era7: Game of Truth
Genre: Adventure
Genre: Action
Genre: Action
Tiny World
Genre: RPG
Genre: Action
X World Games
Genre: RPG
Metaverse Miner
Genre: Farmer
Backers and partners
Team project
10 years in games and tech products, worked with Point Blank, Lineage 2, Halo
Iskander Khabibrakhmanov
10 years in operations and consulting, ex-Bolt, ex-KPMG
Kate Khan
Forbes 30u30, General Partner at Shima Capital
Yida Gao
Serial crypto entrepreneur, 8 years in startups and 5 years in blockchain. Partner at Shima Capital
Vladimir Nikitin
Head of marketing at Wargaming, one of the biggest games publishers, with an audience of 100 million
Aleksei Maksimov
CTO at Liquidifty and Drunk Robots 8 years
in tech companies and 4 years in blockchain
Slava Zheltov
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