Invest in Walken
breeding strategy pool
to get up to 300% APR
Why us
up to APR
days payback
/ 01 July
/ 14 July
/ 30 July
/ 15 August
up to APR
days payback
up to 300% APR
up to APR
30 days payback
days payback
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We use the funds to buy CAThletes NFts and breed them to min new NFTs and sell at the marketplace. As Skill Labs has it’s own guild are we’re eligible to purchase batch of NFTs lower than retail market price. To make sure we get the most for the investors our scholars walk and participate in daily competitions earning GEMs and $WLKN tokens.
Walken breeding strategy pool
Yeild is to be distributed as follows:
— earning from daily competitions: 50/50 between the pool of investors and scholars
— earning from breeding and following proceeds: 80% goes to investors and 20% goes to Skill Labs
Please beware that high return is usually associated with high risks and current calaculations are based on current in-game economics. Each month you vote to sell Cathletes at the market price and send money back or continue.
NFT Holder return for 1 months
~30 days
Payback period
NFT Holder Cut
Number of Breeding available per CAThlete
330 USD
Floor price per CAThlete
Easy and transparent
You buy a Pool NFT and get a proportional share of all the proceeds from earnings: selling the new NFTs minted, earnings from playing and interacting in-game
Lower entry cost
e.g. to enter Stepn on BSC and mint a new sneaker you need to spend at least 14-20 BNB, which is quite a lot. By participating in pool you invest lower amount.
Skill Labs manages all the operations and reports on a regular basis. You don’t need to care about recruiting a scholar, checking all the terms for breeding.
Open Voting
Pool participants decide what to do after the initial investment earned back.
Why Skill Labs
No operational burden
What is Skill Lab Game Pool?
You get easy access to a curated selection of NFT games for a fracture of the market price. You don't have to create a wallet and deposit bnb/eth tokens to start playing.
How does it work?
You choose a game and a package that suits you best. We set up an account for you, and send you the credentials. You play on the account and keep all the earnings to yourself. After 2 weeks you decide whether you want to stop or continue playing.
What do I pay for?
You pay to get time-limited access to the account with NFTs selected by our experts. You always pay just a fracture of NFTs market price and your payment is less than you can earn during the same time.
How fast can I get my investment back?
You will be able to provide us with the wallet where we will send your tokens, or you can claim the USD equivalent of your tokens (we will ask you for credentials for that).
How much can I earn?
Skill Labs is a company that seeks to empower gamers, guilds, and NFT owners by building tools for them. We want to bring transparency to NFT gaming and help gamers around the world to own their digital assets, including in-game items.
Is it safe and guaranteed?
It is completely safe. We do not store any payment data or charge recurring payments. We guarantee 100% refund if you didn't receive your account within 24 hours.
One-stop platform for NFT gaming
Skill Labs brings transparency and equal opportunity to GameFi by empowering NFT investors, guilds and solo gamers
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