Rediscover the prosperous ancient Crabada Kingdom once ruled by Crustaco, King of the Crabada.
Mine. Loot. Breed. Expand your forces.
Earn CRA tokens by playing and use them to determine the future of the Kingdom!
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Team example
$260 / month
Earning potential:
Market value:
Custom tailored team with higher earning potential. You will be able to set-up a team yourself based on your strengths and play style
for 2 weeks
Team example
$120 / month
Earning potential:
Market value:
Well-rounded team with low budget to start playing and learn game mechanics. Suits any playstyle
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for 2 weeks
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What is NFT trials?
You get easy access to a curated selection of NFT games for a fracture of the market price. You don't have to create a wallet and deposit bnb/eth tokens to start playing.
How doest it work?
You choose a game and a package that suits you best. We set up an account for you, and send you the credentials. You play on the account and keep all the earnings to yourself. After 2 weeks you decide whether you want to stop or continue playing.
What do I pay for?
You pay to get time-limited access to the account with NFTs selected by our experts. You always pay just a fracture of NFTs market price and your payment is less than you can earn during the same time.
How will I withdraw the money that I earned?
You will be able to provide us with the wallet where we will send your tokens, or you can claim the USD equivalent of your tokens (we will ask you for credentials for that).
What is Skill Labs?
Skill Labs is a company that seeks to empower gamers, guilds, and NFT owners by building tools for them. We want to bring transparency to NFT gaming and help gamers around the world to own their digital assets, including in-game items.
Is it safe?
It is completely safe. We do not store any payment data or charge recurring payments. We guarantee 100% refund if you didn't receive your account within 24 hours.
How much can I earn?
You can see average earnings in the package selection. Note, that for most of the games earnings come in form of their native token. So USD earnings depend on the token price at the time of claim.
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