Invest in Axie Infinity scholars now and get up to 70% APR
scholars ready
to earn for you
avg annual yield
180 slp
average daily yield
In current economics, on each $200 you invest now you will receive ~ $20 of profits monthly. In the end of the season we also sell the axies and send these money back to NFT holders.
How It Works
Season NFT offering
We raise funds by selling NFTs and put the money to DAO's treasury. Each NFT gives you a stake at DAO of this season.
We deploy the funds
We use DAO's treasury to buy Axie teams for best scholars we have. Each team costs around $500.
We play the game
Scholars play and earn average 180 SLPs per day. ($3.26 per day, $100 per month)
We earn yield for NFT holders
Of that $100, $30 goes to DAO NFT holders, $50 to scholar, $20 to platform and guild. We distribute earnings to NFT holders on a monthly basis. That gives you 70% annual yield.
DAO ends
Each quarter NFT holders vote if we should sell axie teams at market price and return money to NFT holders or continue to earn yield.
Why Us
We take care of scholars hiring, managing and replacing processes. You just receive your payments.
Best scholars
We have experienced scholars that keep improving. Our proprietary analytical tools help to assure the best investments allocation among best scholars & guilds.
High ROI
Our average annual return is 70%. At the end of the season we sell axies at the market price and return this money to NFT holders.
Team & Previous Projects
— We built apps blockchain apps with millions of TVL
— We developed and published games with millions of players
— We scaled business operations to $300M+ ARR
What is skill guilds?
Skill Guilds is a platform that unites investors, games and players and helps them find and join best performing guilds. 
How can I participate?
You can buy Season 1 NFT, that gives you a stake at the DAO. DAO gets share of all the scholars earnings in monthly payments and decides when to sell the Axies to get back initial investment.
How can I buy NFT?
You can buy Skill Guilds NFT on our partner site — Press buy button and you will be redirected to the purchase page.
How will I receive monthly payments?
You will receive first payment in 45 days and then each month. You will receive payments to your wallet or you will be able to claim them on the project site.
How can I vote?
You will receive a link in the discord announcements. Join our server to stay up to date. First voting will take place in 3.5 months and then each month.
What if I buy more than 1 NFT?
We distribute earnings proportionally to amount of NFTs you hold. For example, if we sell 100 NFTs total and you buy 50 of them, you will receive half of all the earnings distributed.
How much exactly I would earn?
We will use all the funds to deploy scholars playing Axie Infinity. We make sure that funds are distributed among best scholars and if scholars perform poorly they are being replaced in real time. Of that earnings 30% are distributed proportionally to all NFT holders. 50% go to scholars and 20% to cover operation costs. Specific payments depend on the SLP price at the moment.